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Arsenal for me is my extended family of athletes who share the passion for everything that drives us. To know I have “family” from all walks of life, participating in many disciplines, rocking the brightest stoke out there is truly inspiring, encouraging, and builds my drive to push and achieve more goals than I ever thought possible.
— Connie
Ridge Supply Arsenal is one man’s vision shared by thousands. Ride when you can, where you can. Arsenal is representing the Ridge Supply vision your way, in your style.
— Lee
Arsenal has connected me to incredible people all over the world doing incredible things. Whether that person is a cyclist or a runner, a racer or a commuter, it’s awesome to be part of such a diverse, encouraging community all while endorsing products I’m so proud to represent.
— Chelsie
Ridge Supply Arsenal in my eye is a hand picked community of like minded cyclists who innately share the same pure excitement and stoke for riding bikes. Ridge Supply is the Brand which threads us together.
— Brad
To me RSA is a worldwide family of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts that share and represent the stoke that has been created from such a wonderful brand.

Being a part of Ridge Supply Arsenal is a honor and a privilege for all that are a part of this amazing brand. True friendships have been and will always be made through the journey that you have created for us “athletes”.
— Tyler
We are a family of many different nationalities and backgrounds but the cycle and the brand has established and brought together many different people that wouldn’t have ever crossed paths. I’m happy I am OG RIDGESUPPLY ARSENAL
— Ryan
Arsenal is a community. A global team of people who bring the stoke train to their local club rides. Arsenal is the endorphin high you feel when you set a personal best on your local town line Sprint or having a laugh with your closest friends at the coffee shop. It’s a vibe of all the good feels. Being a part of something small but still having enormous impact on the industry or status quo.
— Hanson