Ridge Supply Arsenal

Back in 2005, myself and two teammates decided to strike out on our own and support ourselves during our racing.  Arsenal was born from a desire to race for each other being united in the suffering, rather than just promoting our local shop... at the time, this was a dangerous move because we risked alienating the shop that we had grown up in and around... but at the same time, we were doing it for all the right reasons, we could race when, where and who we wanted and do so on our terms.

We designed a logo with a phoenix rising and three stars, we screen printed it onto solid black Voler jerseys, and did not tell anyone that we were flying a new banner... our first race was the scout's 18hr, and we showed up, Justin, Trevor, Scott & I and we registered as Arsenal.  We raced that event with an intensity that I've not seen before or since... it was so incredibly hot and humid that we couldn't really rest/sleep or recover... but we destroyed it.  That shared unity and suffering was the bond that made arsenal so special.

So now, eleven years later, it is your chance to join Arsenal... only 72 members will be selected worldwide.  You will be given exclusive first access to product and Arsenal specific gear.  I'll do my best to make sure you are getting more than you are giving... and together we can keep spreading the stoke.

At least four times a year, you will receive socks that no-one else in the world has... your job is to wear em, post up a creative pic on instagram and that is all I ask.  Two weeks later, the socks will be released to the rest of the world.

There will also be Arsenal specific kit items available to you as well as some custom swag I'll be rolling out.

I'll communicate with those 72 folks via email and only when needed.